3 Advantages of using Electronic Press Releases

A simple 1-page press release can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Here are my top 3 reasons for using electronic news releases
1) Media Relations
You can send your press releases via email to the journalists and websites that cover your industry. This will generate publicity for you in the form of news stories, product reviews, and links to your web site that will help you increase your credibility and sales.
2) Public Relations (PR)
By having your electronic news release distributed through the Internet news channels such as Google News, Yahoo News and, your message gets communicated to the members of your target market who read their news online. This generates more awareness of your company, more traffic to your website and more sales of your product or service.
3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This advantage is the biggest reason we distribute keyword optimized press releases (and articles). We LOVE keyword optimized press releases!
Why? Because a consistent publicity campaign can get you links from some of the best web sites on the Net. These links provide your web site with  Link Popularity  and the Google PageRank numbers you need for high search engine ranking and traffic. Plus, the links themselves can bring a significant about of qualified visitors to your site.
High Rankings:
Many times your press release also ranks in the TOP 10 at Google within 1-2 weeks and provides targeted visitors to your web site for months and months to come. How s that for a compelling reason to use press releases?!
Plus, you can (and should) post news releases on your web site on your  News Room  area. In fact, adding these keyword optimized press releases to your web site (in your News Room) will help with your natural rankings and traffic.
Electronic News Distribution Services:
Here are 2 popular distribution services for electronic press releases with the PROs and CONs of each
Pros: Most well-known, works well for SEO, Media Professionals go there for research
Cons: Costs more! Sometimes you have to bid in the hundreds of dollars to get the highest visibility.
Pros: Works well for SEO, less money   only $30
Cons: Media Professionals probably DO NOT go there for research. Strictly for SEO and news distribution to your audience only.

 Matt Hockin is President of Interactive Marketing, Inc.(, an Internet marketing company specializing in helping businesses increase sales and leads by maximizing website search engine visibility and "sales-ability" through the process of Website Optimization

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