An Easy Way To Include RSS In A Web Site 

RSS has become a very important issue for web site promotion. This method helps to update web sites daily. A web site will always look actual.

Why is RSS important?

Visitors like always fresh content on a web site. A web site is attractive, if there is always something new on it. RSS is a more and more important tool in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Important search engines and their crawlers prefer web sites that display fresh content periodically to web sites that remain static. A web site should be updated daily or at least weekly. Web sites that often show new content have a better chance of getting indexed and ranked high in search engines.

Definition of RSS and XML

The acronym RSS means either Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites. It has been originally developped by Netscape. RSS is an XML-based format and XML means Extensible Markup Language.

How can RSS be used practically?

A web site owner can use RSS in order to import news, articles ore permanently refreshed marketing offers in a website. There are several sources in the internet to feed a web site with fresh content. Advanced webmasters who know XML can create and update their own content to their web site daily.

There is, however, a free tool that every web site owner can use easily and import daily fresh content to the web site.

RSS include

The site provides a simple form, where the URL of the feed of the news or articles can be typed in. There are some functions that allow to customize the appearance of the content on the web site. It s possible to integrate the content in three ways: JavaScript, IFrame or PHP. Then the Create HTML button has to be pushed and the source code can be copied and pasted in the source code of the web site.

You can see an example of such a source code in JavaScript:


You will get the news by yahoo with the above source code, but you can choose another RSS Feed of one of the several free services and replace yahoo with a news source of your choice. This simple tool allows web site owners with basic knowledge to update their web site daily.

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