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Search Engine Optimization & Copy Writing a Winning Combination.

By Merle

There are plenty of ebooks that purport to teach you how to write copy for the Web or put together a website that the search engines will love. But every once in a while, something special comes along that makes you sit up and say "nicely done." This is the case with Karon Thackston's "CopyWriting Course" and Jill Whalen's "Nitty Gritty of Writing for the Search Engines."

If you have an online business, you need to know how to write copy that converts site visitors into buyers. All the traffic in the world won't help you if your copy doesn't "speak to the browser" and make him or her want to click the "buy" button.

Karon Thackston is a copy writing expert and her knowledge really shines in "The Step by Step Copywriting Course." Weighing in at 164 pages, this ebook is no lightweight. It is broken down into ten thorough and complete lessons such as The Most Overlooked Aspect of Copywriting, What type of Copy Fits Your Target Audience, Men and Women are Different, Headlines, Adding Emotions and Dreams to Your Writing.

Karon takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to write copy by illustrating four different communication styles and how to use them to your advantage. Each lesson includes built in assignments, and there's even a final exam at the end of the ebook. By getting you involved in each lesson, the concepts are made clearer and you'll actually be able to apply what you have learned. The ebook even includes before and after writing samples from actual client work done by Karon, so you can see the difference between dry, dull copy and exciting copy that gets the readers involved and makes them feel like you are speaking directly to them.

According to Karon, "Before you begin to write, give due consideration to the brand you'll be portraying, and be sure to write your copy to fit the brand, the consumer, and the image."

It's the same with the search engines. If your pages aren't optimized for the right keywords, you won't rank very well with them. Jill Whalen is a search engine optimization expert, which means she does this stuff for a living and knows what she's talking about. And in the ebook "Nitty Gritty of Writing for the Search Engines," she gives us an intimate glimpse of her craft and exactly what she does to a web page to improve its ranking.

This ebook doesn't use "techno-Geek" language but simple every day English that anyone, from the most basic web user to the more advanced marketer, can use and apply.

There are eight sections in the ebook, with Chapter 1 explaining the importance of keyword phrases as opposed to keywords. Ever wonder if you should use singular or plural form? Chapter seven tackles that topic with variations in spelling and avoiding excessive repetition. Jill doesn't include a bunch of fluff. At 27 pages, this ebook allows you to benefit from her years of experience and tells you exactly what to do with your keyphrases to create a site that the search engines will love. It also includes a wide range of writing samples from some of her past S.E.O. campaigns.

In my opinion, these two ebooks belong on the computer of every serious online business owner. No matter if you're a Search Engine Optimization Consultant trying to improve on your craft, or a professional copywriter who wants to expand your services to include Search Engine Optimization copy work, or just a site owner trying to improve your sales and your rankings.

If you can't write copy, your sales will suffer and if you don't optimize your pages for the search engines, you'll never achieve a decent ranking. These two authors are experts in their fields and actually "walk the walk." They're not self proclaimed gurus writing about topics they don't understand; this is what they do for a living and from where I stand they're quite good at it.

You'll find both of these ebooks available at:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Merle of offers a F-r-e-e ebook and an e-course that will teach you how to promote and market your website. Grab your copy now at

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