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Maximizing Your Search Engine Promotion Productiveness
By Eric Lander - June 03, 2004

An important element to being productive in search engine promotion is to continually stay focused on the goals of your web site campaigns. When I say "stay focused" though, what comes to mind? Most likely you are thinking, "concentrate on what increases relevant traffic." While that is one way to stay focused and is also an important element to being productive, it will not make or break your successful promotion efforts alone.

I have found time and time again, that your ability to stay focused in this industry is the key to high levels of achievement. When it comes to the search engines, results and ranking algorithms change daily. You need to be mindful and proactive in order to be most successful.

In most promotion campaigns, the tasks of organic optimization, PPC management, submissions and link popularity all mix together in front of your eyes. After having worked in the industry long enough to meet many professionals, I would caution you to be careful of one thing I have seen in myself and others... The tendency to jump from one task to another.

Most promotion campaigns have those four major tasks involved. By starting one of these tasks, putting it down to work on another, then picking up the first one again, you will substantially increase the time needed to complete just one of those items. Again, I have experienced this myself many times, so trust me on this one. When you juggle the tasks of optimization, it simply is not possible to give anything your undivided attention.

So why is this important? Isn't a half-completed link popularity campaign better than none at all? Aren't three search engine submissions better than none at all?

Sure, having any one of these tasks even partially completed will help your site immediately in terms of search engine promotion. But please bear in mind that the days of mediocre efforts paying off are long gone. In order to have any web site successfully promoted in the search engines, you need to devote yourself to full time efforts. Those efforts are much more productive when you can concentrate on one element at a time.

Many times, managing one of these tasks will have to rely on someone else's input. For example, conducting submissions may require you to clear submission fees for directories like Yahoo or engines like Inktomi. With link popularity, it is not uncommon to have to clear potential link partners through legal review for brand compliance and corporate approval. Any time you need to obtain outside input is another potential loss of optimal time management, so try to coordinate your efforts accordingly.

Another key to maintaining successful task completion in search engine promotion and marketing is to remain extremely observant. While you check through traffic and statistical reports, be sure to document as much information as possible in a quick format. I personally use Microsoft Excel to track the projects I manage because it is quick and will interface well with publishing reports for clients and upper management to review.

With our marketplace being so dynamic, and with the engines being so unpredictable, I would like to share with you some additional ideas to help keep you organized, efficient, and productive as you work on your search engine promotion campaigns.

If you find my focusing and organizing ideas useful, please share them with your friends and colleagues but not your competitors! As always, please share with me your ideas for further concentrating on -- and making the most of -- your search engine promotion efforts.

Eric is Chief Operating Officer at The First Listings Marketing Group, LLC. First Listings is a leading search engine optimization and online promotion company geared towards assisting small to medium sized clients and their needs. With over 8 years of professional HTML experience and training, Eric is an active member of and other web development communities.


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