Starting a Business - How to get everything on your list done!

With all of the pressures that come with starting up a new business it is easy to get overwhelmed. Which many people face is a long list of tasks that need to be dealt with. Keeping yourself and your company organized can be a tall task with everything you have to face. It seems when starting a business that you have 1000 things to do but that you are walking in mud. It seems to take such a long time to get everything done. The key is to stay organized and move through your list with ease. Sounds impossible? Well it is not, let me show you. 
The most important part of starting a new company is not to get in a panic with the responsibilities and efforts that you will have to put out to get it up and running. Trust me, no matter what is on your list you can do it. It is all just a matter of time and what you can get done first. Now take a deep breath and relax your mind. I am going to make this as painless as possible for you.
All right, lets go. The first step is to break your list down into smaller lists. Each list will allow you to identify what needs to be done to get your business running as well as when they can be achieved. So you are going to want to take your main list and create three smaller lists which are:
-Short List
-Medium List
-Long List
We'll start off with the short list. This list contains of everything that can be taken care of right now(Yes, right now. So don't put it off). Such as ordering supplies, setting up your office, getting a new phone line ect... It is everything that can be done without something impeding it. An example of this is if you were trying to set up your office but don't have space for it. So getting the space for your new office would go on your short list. It would be the first steps to take.
Now that you have figured that out, next in line for this would be setting up your office. So step one is to find space and step to is to set it up. This would go on your next list which is the "Medium list". This is everything that can be done after the short list is taken care of. Some things on your list may be "purchase programs for new computer" but if you don't have a new computer you will have to wait until get one, so this would go on your short list.
Next would be your "Long list". Which are things that can only be done when you are almost ready to go. An example of this would be "Advertise for Grand opening". This won't be possible until you 1. find space for your office(which is on your short list) 2. Set up your office(which is on your medium list) then finally 3. Advertise grand opening(because everything is set up and ready to). 
Dividing your tasks like this will save you time but also help you get things done without getting overwhelmed. Also don't be scared to move along each list. So even though you have tasks to complete on list one, but there are some tasks you can now complete on list two. Don't be afraid to work on both of those list during the day even though you haven't finished all of the tasks from list one yet.
Another important part is that when you finish a task make sure to double check it to see that you did everything correctly. Then cross it off of your list so that you don't waiste time working on something you've already done.

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