Simple rules for making communication through group chats smooth

Many people are simply afraid of group chats and there is nothing strange about that. No matter how useful they might seem to the users of the Internet, in many cases this means of communication is turned out into a sheer mess by its own participants. In case you want to keep the conversation alive and avoid any unpleasant situations, it is highly recommended to implement some simple rules regarding group chats. It is not difficult to do it while the effects of it will be really great.

Do not send voice messages

There is a lot of controversy regarding voice messages even in private conversations let alone group chats. Just imagine a situation when each and every participant of the chat starts recording a voice message at the same time. The conversation will quickly become total chaos in which you will certainly not manage to listen to the audio message as fast as their senders are recording them since you will have to check the audio messages of all of the participants. That is of course if you can physically listen to such messages in the first place as there are many situations in which people are simply unable to do it.

Just like in the conversation held by several people at a time in the real world, group conversations online should not allow each and every participant to speak out at the same time. In order to do it, resigning from audio message swill be extremely helpful.

Keep your messages as short as possible and their number small

It will be really easy to communicate through group chats if people do their best to put the maximum information into one single message and do not divide them into a set of messages. Certainly, it is highly recommended to use this rule in private conversations as well, however for group chats this is simply essential. If one flow of thoughts expressed by a stream of short messages is constantly broken by the messages sent by other people, it will be impossible to understand any meaning in such a conversation.

Of course, adding the maximum amount of information into a single message also means not sending any messages deprived of a logical sense. This does not necessarily mean senseless texts as there is enough of senseless things to send through group chats without such messages. of course, various emojis are possibly the best example. You definitely do not want to beĀ  bombarded by a torrent of such messages and keep on checking your phone with each notification coming only to find there is something absolutely useless coming there.

Avoid sending files, pictures or external links without any description

Do not expect everyone will be checking your link just because you have sent it even if you have not given any description or comment to it. No, this is not enough for a person to look at it and many people will also ignore such messages as this might just be unsafe to check them.

Prepare for that and say exactly what you mean in your message.

Refer to the exact people you want to ask something

As you can imagine, it might be difficult to understand a particular person is referring exactly to you if he or she is not mentioning your name. For that reason, it will be helpful to mention the names of the people you would like to communicate with in the first place.

Do not be afraid to leave a chat

Sometimes, no matter how hard you will be trying to keep some order in a group chat, there will be none. Undoubtedly, if this is a crucial conversation for you, for instance, regarding your job, you will still be a part of such a chat and you will keep on checking it whenever you get a notification. Still, if the chat is not officially compulsory and you find out you have not checked a hundred of messages already, in all likelihood, you can easily make do without such a chat at all.

A very helpful thing will be also learning to turn your own notifications off. Fortunately, a function of switching the notifications off in particular chats is available in all of the most popular messengers.

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