What devices to give as a Christmas present in 2021?

Are you looking for great gadgets which will perfect as Christmas presents this year? Check this article for some curious ideas which go beyond standard gifts such as a smartphone or a smart watch. On this list, you will find a nice option for any person!

A soundbar

A soundbar is a great present for anyone, no matter whether the person, loves listening to music or watch films and TV shows. Such compact sound panels can be pretty efficient and create powerful sound effects.

In case you are interested in purchasing such a device to your friend one of the members of your family for an affordable price, you might be interested in the model offered by Redmi. For example, the model known as Redmi TV has two loudspeakers featured by the power of 15 t each. In order to connect them to smartphones and new models of TV sets, you will be able to use the Bluetooth 5.0 module. If the TV set is somewhat old, there is still no problem to use it with the Redmi TV soundbar. For that purpose, you can use AUX or S/PDIF wires.

This model of a soundbar can just rest lying on any surface or it can be attached to a wall. The set of buttons for controlling the device are located on its front side.

A powerful router

Certainly, if a person has wi-fi at home, he or she is definitely using a router. Yet, there is nothing new in the fact routers not always meet our expectations. If there are too many devices using the wi-fi connection with the Internet or they are not located close enough to the router, the connection can be rather poor even though the initial speed of the Internet was supposed to be pretty high. Fortunately, there are ways of solving this problem.

For example, you can purchase a Xiaomi AX6000 router. This model is equipped into a quad-core processor as well as the RAM of 512 MB. This allows the router to be particularly efficient in keeping a stable Internet connection during various network processes. this particular model of a router is capable of working with up to 248 devices connected to the Internet at the same time without a significant decrease in the speed on the connection. By the way, several routers can be connected with each other in one network.

A surge protector

Even though a surge protector might not look like a Christmas present of your dreams, in the reality it is a very useful device and many people wish to have one at home. It is even possible they already have such a device, but one more can still be useful.

The choice of surge protectors is quite large. For example, you can choose the one offered by Orico which is available in three versions depending on the number of sockets. The minimum number of sockets is four whereas the largest number is eight.

Pay your attention to the fact, unlike standard surge protectors, this one has five USB ports which can be used for charging specific devices. All in all, one can use such a surge protector for devices of a total power no more than 4000 W, whereas the maximum electric current is 16 A.

The filter is also equipped into advanced protection against various problems which can cause damage to devices. It is possible to choose a device of a white colour or a black one.