Web development: setup

If you have decided to launch an awesome carrier in web development, you are in the right place to get started and build some wonderful applications and websites whichever you want to take the route to. It is possible you are now wondering what are the requirements for your studies of the subject and this article will be your guide to setting up your learning process and taking first steps into the fascinating world of web development.

A personal computer

It goes without saying you will need a computer, however, it might not be obvious to you what exactly is required specifically for web development. While many people imagine programming to be a resource-consuming process for computers, in the reality, many tasks can be solved on somewhat weaker machines, especially while you are still learning. For that reason, a mid-range PC is a good to go for web development.

It is not that you won’t be able to code with a low-range PC. It is just that you may get frustrated with a  poor performance and feel more demotivated than. As you can imagine, studying new things is itself a challenging process and in case of some difficult tasks you might feel like ditching the whole web development studies even without a constantly freezing computer. For that reason, there is certainly no need to make things overcomplicated, however, it is also not a good idea to invest in the latest models of computers right away.

Access to the Internet

A good connection to the Internet with good bandwidth and a router that has its own minimum amount of ram between 256 mb to 512 mb is an ultimate setup. Still, it is quite possible you will be able to make do with a cheap router with less ram. It will work as well but then again, it may slow down your development process. This is true only if you are using a Wi-Fi adapter, otherwise you do not have to worry much, especially if you are going to use direct LAN cabling. This is for the hardware setup.

The software required for web development

Next thing you want to look into is a good code editor, where you will write code. The most popular ones are Atom, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Vim and Sublime text editors, however, you can find a huge variety of other options. Some of them might be great as well, albeit less popular. Among this choice, many professional developers pick Visual Studio Code developed by Microsoft. It is because the programme offers much more than other editors and has an integrated environment and lot of customisation options as well as a huge community. The latter one is actually one of the advantages of using popular software, as you will be able to find some aid in using it more easily.

Whichever programme you pick, you will need right linters and formatters for you code editor. Their function is helping programmers with the development process in a much more efficient way. These additions are capable of identifying errors, modifying source code, keeping your code neat and readable, taking care of the indentation configuration and much more.

You will find lot of themes available for text editors that will give you a touch of aesthetics and make your development environment more elegant. In addition to it, you will find a lot of useful extensions, for example, by navigating to the left side bar of Visual Studio and looking for the market place. Vscode’s market place offers a wide range of extensions for various programming languages. You should also consider adding some of the live extensions which allow you to see your changes live for front-end development.

In case of the back-end web development, you will mostly rely on an integrated terminal or command line.

What else would you need?

The next thing you can consider is special eye protection glasses to protect your eyes from the harsh rays coming from the monitor such, especially the blue light. A standing desk where you can adjust the desk height will be particularly useful. These are just optional items and as a beginner all the things mentioned above are suffice enough to keep you rolling until you find your way to build the workplace of your dreams.